yup, that's me, the walkin' earthquake!

☆ lin ; 21 ; it/they/xe
★ white ; autistic
☆ tme n-b lesbian

♥ i really like insects, robots, aliens and guys with swords :)

♡ addie (29/4/17) ♡

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more info

I'm lin! I have a degree in biology :) I like a lot of things but mainly post about comics right now. Big proponent for the reassessment of 90s comics (they're good).

I live in Australia + please use masc/neutral terms for me!


My main interest is superhero comics. My fave teams are the 90s X-Force team (Rictor, Shatterstar, Boom-Boom) the New Mutants (Magik, Dani, Sunspot, Warlock, Cypher) and the Fantastic Four (Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben, Valeria, Franklin). I also like: the Young Avengers (Billy, Teddy), cosmic marvel (Phyla-Vell and Richard Rider; GOTG), New Warriors (Vance; Speedball) and The Runaways (Victor, Nico, Molly). Getting into DC (BB/BG + JLI right now)! [brackets for top faves in the team]

I also like games and VNs some of my faves are Nancy Drew PC games, Sonic, point and click adventure games, Ace Attorney/DGS, Zero Escape/AITSF, When They Cry, Ori series, Professor Layton, Wandersong etc.

I also like cartoons (Darkwing Duck, Ducktales 2017, Adventure Time are some of my faves). I really like and collect fashion dolls!

Some non-media interests I have are coding + computers, drawing, zoology, ecology + biology.

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WIP. I'm making some character reading lists and random other pages when I have ideas :p

Links in other sections will link to something eventually.

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